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Paper Bride Fans Are Not Happy about a TV Show “Paying Tribute” to the Game

By Kongru
Jul. 29, 2022 updated 07:00

Paper Bride, the Chinese horror puzzle series, has been a massive success and is about to launch its fourth title on August 12th. However, when its fans discovered that a TV program recreated scenes from the game, they were not happy.

The TV show in question, Great Escape, is a reality show where a group of celebrities role-play a scene and solve puzzles on set. In its most recent episode premiered on July 28th, the show featured a story of a girl dressed up as a bride and used as a human sacrifice.

Paper Bride fans argue that the set in the show looks very similar to the game, the plot and some of the puzzles feel very similar to the game, and the female protagonist shares her name with some characters from the game. Fans believe the game was not correctly credited for its contribution.

Fans pointed out that Scenes in the show (left) looks very similar to that of the game (right)Fans pointed out that Scenes in the show (left) looks very similar to that of the game (right)

Developers of Paper Bride have issued an announcement to clarify that “they have not authorized any party to use the game’s art, music, animations, and other related assets.”

Right now, there’re no copyright laws against a TV show recreating a scene from a video game. However, if the show has used the game’s music without permission, as some fans suggested, it could face copyright infringement charges.

Source: Weibo