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LPL 2022 Spring Split Predictions: Which Team Will Stand Out?

The LPL 2022 Summer Split will kick off on January 10th.
By Weilin Li
Jan. 5, 2022 updated 06:48

The LPL 2022 Summer Split will kick off on January 10th at 1:00 am PST or 10:00 am CET, the official Twitter account of the league announced earlier. We have made our predictions on the teams’ performances based on their new rosters and battles at the recent Demacia Cup.

Tian joined TES on December 15th, 2021.Tian joined TES on December 15th, 2021.


The team just won the championship at the Demacia Cup in 2021. The arrival of Top Laner Zoom has built up the team’s strategy pool. Besides, Tian (Gao Tianliang) also joined the team, replacing Karsa as the Jungler. Tian’s performance with Mid Laner Knight at the Demacia Cup has surpassed expectations. If the team comes together in the next season, they will easily exceed their previous limits.

EDG won the 2021 Worlds Championship.EDG won the 2021 Worlds Championship.


The team won the 2021 Worlds Championship, and their roster for the new season did not change much from that, increasing their potential to perform well. But the coach group has seen adjustment, with Ken Zhu leaving EDG and joining RNG earlier. There is a rumor that Ming Kai (Clearlove) will be picked up as the new coach. In this scenario, whether EDG will keep its strength to some extent remains in question.


The team’s roster appears to be eye-catching. Aside from Top Laner Shy’s arrival, one highlight is that support SwordArt also joined. However, TheShy’s performance may be mediocre compared to his past record. He replaced Bin as Top Laner but may not be able to make up for the loss.


ADC Uzi and support Crisp makes a top-level duo. Breath as the Top Laner also makes the team’s lineup stellar. But it seems the team is making an internal restructuring. So, its strength really depends on whether this process can be smooth.

RNG’s Xiaohu swapped back to mid-lane.RNG’s Xiaohu swapped back to mid-lane.


The roster changes didn’t harm the team’s energy. Bin’s arrival and Xiaohu’s new role as the Mid Laner will boost the team’s strength. Last season, RNG had impressive achievements during S11, where they met EDG in the quarterfinal games. The team deserves more attention.


Mid Laner Doinb, who showed impressive leadership, has joined LNG before the new season. Everywhere this player goes, his teams have been boosted. Now he is collaborating with South Korean Jungler Tarzan at LNG. The team has the potential to become a first echelon member.

Mid Laner Rookie for Victory Five.Mid Laner Rookie for Victory Five.


Veteran Mid Laner Rookie and Jungler Karsa are banded together now, which will set off fans’ nostalgia. It’s possible that the two gamers will pass on their experience to rookie players. The key is whether the players on the top and bot lanes will be successful.