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Honor of Kings Challenger Cup: WB Eliminated Wolves 4:3 in the Playoffs

By Weilin Li
Sep. 27, 2022 updated 03:15

The match between WB and Wolves was held yesterday in the Playoffs for the Honor of Kings Challenger Cup, and in the end, WB beat Wolves after a nail-biting seven-game match 4:3.

In game one of the match, WB had an initial advantage and gradually snowballed to a lead in gold. In the decisive last team fight, WB Zimo killed Jing, allowing his team to ace Wolves and secure a victory in this round.

WB Zimo earned the MVP Award in game one of the match.WB Zimo earned the MVP Award in game one of the match.

In game two, Wolves came back with the excellent performance of Xiaopang, who ended 8/1/9 and earned the MVP Award in this round.

The two sides each won a game in the next two rounds, bringing the match to a tie of 2:2.

In the fifth game, one of the pivotal moments took place at 28 minutes, when WB Xingyu killed Xiaopang on Luna, and WB used the buff from a Storm Dragon King kill to ace Wolves. Following that, WB took the win in this round.

However, in the sixth game, despite WB’s slight disadvantage initially, Wolves took the win with more stable performance.

In the decisive last round, at eight minutes, WB successfully kept Wolves Fly away from his teammates, applying their damage relentlessly until Fly was killed. Six minutes later, WB destroyed two base towers, securing a victory in both the game and the match.

After this victory, WB advanced to the semifinals and will face MTG on September 29th.

Schedule for the 2022 Honor of Kings Challenger CupSchedule for the 2022 Honor of Kings Challenger Cup