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DRX Wins Worlds 2022 Against T1

Deft's long overdue yet perfect grand curtain call
By Xueyang
Nov. 6, 2022 updated 05:45

Before this year's final began, many League of Legends fans are rooting for T1, as it appears to be the better and stronger team. However, the underdog DRX, against all odds, fought to the end and edged them out 3-2 in a breathtaking and extremely close best-of-five series.

As the fourth seed LCK underdog, DRX started their journey in the Play-Ins. However, as their journey continued, they eliminated the Worlds 2021 champions Edward Gaming 3-2 in the quarterfinals, and LCK Summer Split champion Gen.G 3-1 in the semifinals.

DRX handposeDRX roster

Finally, DRX went toe to toe with T1, while Deft played against his former Mapo High School mate, Faker.

Both of the legendary players debuted in the same year 2013. Prior to today, Faker had three world championship titles, while Deft had non.

DRX celebrating around the trophyDRX celebrating around the trophy

Today, Deft finally achieved his long-overdue dream and won his first-ever world championship with DRX.

DRX support BeryL's personal achievements were also significant, as he made it to the Worlds finals over the last three years (2020, 2021, 2022), and won the championship title twice on two different teams, DAMWON Gaming (2020), and now DRX.

In addition, this is also the very first time in LoL eSports history that a Play-In team has won the championship.

Source: Twitter