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Enjoy the Fast-Paced Retro-Style 3D Platformer in Lunistice

By Johnson Ge
Nov. 10, 2022 updated 01:00

A new 3D platformer, Lunistice, will be released on November 10th, available on Steam, GOG, and Nintendo Switch.

In Lunistice, players will control Hana, an adorable Tanuki girl, and adventure through her dream. There will be 7+ dream worlds with different themes like a beach, a water theme park, or a giant cream cake. The stages are mostly linear and short, and players will face different jumping challenges as they beat each of the stages.

A screenshot of the game.A screenshot of the game.

Lunistice’s art style is strongly inspired by the 32-bit era. The game brings players back to the good old time in the 90s when we were sitting in front of a PS1/SEGA Saturn playing 3D games with simple polygon models and bright colors. Meanwhile, the well-designed art combined with modern graphic tech makes sure the game does not feel outdated. Without a heavy burden on the hardware, Lunistice can perform smoothly on Nintendo Switch, which is crucial for a fast-paced 3d platformer.

A screenshot of Lunistice.A screenshot of Lunistice.

The controls for Lunistice are simple as well. There are four function buttons in the game, and most of the time, players only need two of them: the jump button and the attack button. Those two buttons are well bound to the L and R buttons as default, making it easy for players to handle quick jumping and view control simultaneously. The most complicated maneuver in the game is a triple jump which can be performed by tapping the jump button twice, followed by an attack. Thus, it will take a player less than 5 minutes to master the control system and enjoy the good vibes.

On the other hand, the game does come with challenges. Lunistice takes the 3D platformer idea seriously and provides a tense platform-jumping experience that is kind of retro and hardcore. Hana has a fast movement speed, and the game does not come with edge protections.

A screenshot of Lunistice.A screenshot of Lunistice.

At first, it may feel frustrating to constantly slip off platforms. But once players have learned the pace of running and jumping after some practice, the game can be greatly satisfying. Watching the cute Tanuki rapidly jump through those tiny platforms with stunning speed is entertaining and rewarding.

A screenshot of the Lunistice showing Hana running on a rope.A screenshot of the Lunistice showing Hana running on a rope.

In the later stages of the game, there will be harder challenges like balloons that will pop after stepping on them, music platforms that will appear and disappear to a rhythm, or waterslides where players must Hana’s balance.

The 7+ dream worlds may not sound like many, but it will still take hours to beat the game, considering the challenges and the time spent retrying levels. Furthermore, after clearing a stage, the game will provide a rating based on the completion rate, clear time, and the number of attempts. This will encourage the players to challenge the stage multiple times for an S-rating. In addition, players may unlock new characters with different playstyles after meeting certain requirements, i.e., a bird character that is faster but more fragile and cannot attack. It gives the game replayability for days, even months.

A screenshot of the Lunistice.A screenshot of the Lunistice.

Lunistice provides a simple and short experience that players can easily enjoy in short bursts. Along with the adorable 32-bit-inspired art style, the game is a good choice for everyone, especially for platformer enthusiasts and retro-style game lovers.