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WRL Season 2: WBG Swept OC 3:0, JT Took Down RA 3:0

By Weilin Li
Nov. 18, 2022 updated 12:30

Two matches were held yesterday in the Wild Rift League Season 2, where WBG swept OC 3:0 and JT took Down RA 3:0.

In game one of the match between WBG and OC, at 14 minutes, WBG's Kha'Zix secured a crucial Baron kill. Following that, WBG led in gold by 2k. In the closing moments, there was a team fight near the Baron's pit, where WBG took out three of OC's champions without much loss, securing a comfortable victory in this round.

WBG Wakeup earned the MVP Award in game one of the match.WBG Wakeup earned the MVP Award in game one of the match.

In game two, WBG performed very well initially, using a powerful offense in the top lane as WBG's Jax killed OC's Camille in a 1v1. After that, WBG didn't give OC much chance and took the win in this round.

In game three, WBG continued their momentum. At nine minutes, OC's Xin Zhao killed Rift Herald, but two minutes later, WBG's Lux achieved a double kill, retaking the advantage in the round and winning the match in the end.

Between JT and RA, JT took the win in game one. In round two, at 11 minutes, JT's mid-laner Pan on Akali dealt high damage and achieved a double kill near the bottom lane. After that, JT snowballed to a victory in this round.

In round three, JT once again safely maintained a lead throughout the game, and ended the match up by 3:0.

Team standings of WRL Season 2 on November 17thTeam standings of WRL Season 2 on November 17th