Kokomi's Upcoming Release Makes Waves in Genshin Impact Community

Next week, Genshin Impact will launch its (41st) character, Sangonomiya Kokomi. Being a resistance leader, she plays a significant role in lore, and her unique character design certainly has many people anticipating her release. Some players are already saving up resources for her.

However, her reception is mixed given her role as a healer and the belief by many that she will have low damage because of her unique trait which causes traditional builds not to work on her. Currently, most players build teams around maximizing damage with just enough healing to get by and don’t want a character that doesn’t bring strong damage to the table.

Her Skill will allow for her to have a place in both control and damage based comps, but whether she will beat out previous characters in that role is still in question.

In the current climate of Genshin, healers are often underappreciated and unneeded. But miHoYo certainly has a pattern of tailoring their content to the 5-star heroes they release. When Zhongli was released people found him to be underwhelming, and shielding in general was underutilized. However after his release content highly encouraging the use of shields, or penalizing their lack, was introduced. So it is likely miHoYo plan to make healers a more necessary part of the meta in the near future, for end game content.

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