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HoK International Championship: Wolves Eliminated Hero 4:2

By Weilin Li
Dec. 19, 2022 updated 04:40

The match between Chongqing Wolves and Nanjing Hero was held yesterday in the Quarterfinals for the 2022 Honor of Kings International Championship. In the end, Chongqing Wolves beat Nanjing Hero 4:2.

In game one of the match, Wolves built an edge when Wolves Pang stole his opponent’s objectives multiple times. At nine minutes, Wolves had a gold lead of 5k. Following that, Pang killed Zhou Yu and Yao from Hero in the bottom lane, allowing his team to secure an easy victory in this round.

Wolves Pang earned the MVP Award in game one of the match.Wolves Pang earned the MVP Award in game one of the match.

In game two, there was more back and forth between the two teams. But at 20 minutes, Wolves took Storm Dragon King decisively, and Wolves’ Fly on Guan Yu took out three champions, helping his team take the win in this round.

In game three, Hero returned to form while Wolves made some mistakes. In the end, Luban No.7 and Master Luban from Hero helped their team win a decisive team fight. After that, Hero won this round and brought the score to 1:2.

But Wolves didn’t leave much of a chance for Hero in the fourth round. Their top laner, mid-laner, and jungler all had impressively high damage. In the closing moments, Wolves achieved a triple kill, comfortably winning the round.

In the fifth round, Hero took the win with the excellent performance of Hero XingHen. But in the sixth round, Wolves dominated the game and secured a victory in both the game and the match.

After the victory, on December 24th, Chongqing Wolves will face their long-standing rival, Wuhan eStarPro, in the Semifinals.

Schedule for the 2022 Honor of Kings International ChampionshipSchedule for the 2022 Honor of Kings International Championship