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HoK International Championship: GK Defeated WB in the Semifinals

By Weilin Li
Dec. 27, 2022 updated 01:05

The match between Foshan DRG.GK and Beijing WB was held yesterday in the Semifinals for the 2022 Honor of Kings International Championship. In the end, GK defeated WB in a surprising upset 4:3, advancing to the Finals.

In game one of the match, at 10 minutes, WB NuanYang on Lan achieved an impressive triple kill. Following that, WB destroyed the first tower in the mid-lane and built a gold gap of 6k. In the end, WB snowballed to a victory in this round.

WB ZiMo earned the MVP Award in game one of the match.WB ZiMo earned the MVP Award in game one of the match.

In round two, WB dominated the pace of the game once again and secured another victory.

But in round three, at 12 minutes, GK secured two Dragon kills and, in the closing moments, killed WB’s Jungler and Support, followed by their nexus, giving WB their first win in the match.

In round four, WB quickly returned to form and maintained a massive lead throughout the game, securing a victory in this round and bringing it to match point, 3:1.

However, GK then won two victories, and in the decisive last game, dramatically, GK MengLan on Gongsun Li stole WB’s base. Giving his team the win in both the game and the match.

Following the victory, Foshan DRG.GK will face Wuhan eStarPro in the Finals on December 30th.

Schedule of 2022 Honor of Kings International ChampionshipSchedule of 2022 Honor of Kings International Championship