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eStarPro Crowned Champion in the 2022 HoK International Championship

By Weilin Li
Dec. 30, 2022 updated 11:40

The match between Wuhan eStarPro and Foshan DRG GK was held today in the 2022 Honor of Kings International Championship. In the end, eStarPro defeated GK 4:2 and was crowned the Champion in this world tournament.

In game one of the match, initially, eStarPro invaded the GK’s jungle area, and eStarPro HuaHai killed GK’s Yao, taking the First Blood. Following that, eStarPro built an edge by eliminating several enemy champions. Then, there was some back and forth between the two sides. But in the final siege, eStarPro killed three champions without losing much, securing a victory in this round.

eStarPro HuaHai earned the MVP Award in game one of the match.eStarPro HuaHai earned the MVP Award in game one of the match.

In round two, eStarPro continued their momentum. Initially, the two teams were closely matched, but at 15 minutes, eStarPro killed Juggernaut and invaded GK’s base. Four minutes later, eStarPro led the minions to destroy GK’s nexus, taking the win in this round.

In round three, with high morale, eStarPro secured another victory comfortably.

However, in round four, initially, GK lagged behind. But after the mid-game, with the excellent performance of GK BaiShou, GK outperformed their opponent in several team fights, and in the end, won this round.

In game five, GK once again had an excellent performance and won this round, bringing the match to 2:3.

When fans were wondering whether the match would be brought into the decisive last round, eStarPro got back to form. In game six, eStarPro built an edge initially and maintained a lead throughout the game. In the end, they won both the game and the match 4:2.

This Champion is the eighth Honor of Kings title in eStarPro’s team history. Congratulations!