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The PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) Wrapped Up in Jakarta

By Weilin Li
Jan. 10, 2023 updated 11:15

The three-day Finals for the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) ended yesterday in Jakarta, Indonesia. After 18 matches in the Finals, Turkish team S2G Esports took home the trophy with 190 points and 93 eliminations.

DRS Esports was the runner-up, and Alpha 7 Esports earned third place.

Turkish team S2G Esports was crowned Champion in the PMGC 2022.Turkish team S2G Esports was crowned Champion in the PMGC 2022.

Chinese PEL teams 4AM ranked 8th, the defending champion NV ranked 9th, and Wolves ranked 11th.

On the first day of the Finals, the Brazilian teams occupied the top three places, while the overall performance of the PEL teams was below average.

The next day was a point-chasing trip. In the end, NV, 4AM, and Wolves entered the third match day with the rankings of 5th, 7th, and 12th, respectively.

On the last day, in the first battle on the island map, 4AM scored 18 elimination points and climbed to second place in the standings.

However, 4AM could not maintain that level of excellence; in the following two rounds of the desert map and one round of the island map, they only scored 3 points in total. The results from the other two PEL teams were not very satisfactory either.

In the end, Turkish team S2G Esports won the tournament and took home a prize of 400,000 USD.

Overall rankings of PMGC 2022Overall rankings of PMGC 2022

There were also some individual prizes. The Eagle Eye award went to 4AM Wwx, The Field Medic award went to VPE FlukeTH, the Gunslinger was awarded to STE TOP, and the Grenade Master was awarded to T2K Sand3shS. STE TOP earned the Finals MVP Award. Congratulations!

Individual Awards Winners in PMGC 2022Individual Awards Winners in PMGC 2022