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Affogato is Coming to Steam Soon

By Xueyang
Jan. 31, 2023 updated 02:25

The highly anticipated game Affogato has now launched its store page on Steam and will become available soon.

Affogato - GameplayAffogato - Gameplay

Affogato is an RPG revolving around a sorceress juggling with the running of her new café, managing her debts, meeting customers from all walks of life, and ultimately helping them overcome their greatest fears and secrets by burrowing deep into their minds. Enjoy a story-rich RPG featuring an innovative 'reverse tower defense' mechanic and beautiful anime graphics.

Affogato - GameplayAffogato - Gameplay

Make critical decisions to help your customers defeat their inner demons by entering their minds and leading them to safety through challenging card-based reverse tower defense levels. Choose your routes and cards wisely or lose your customers forever!

Check it out on Steam: