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Reverse Tower Defense Game Affogato will Release August 17

By Xueyang
Aug. 3, 2023 updated 04:50

Affogato, a highly anticipated RPG game, is set to release on August 17. This unique game features a "reverse tower defense" mechanic that sets it apart from other RPGs. Players will take on the role of a sorceress who manages a café in the enchanting city of Arorua.

In Affogato, players will have the opportunity to meet customers from all walks of life and listen to their stories. The sorceress will then travel into their minds to help them overcome their inner demons. This innovative gameplay mechanic adds a new layer of depth to the traditional RPG experience.

Affogato - ScreenshotAffogato - Screenshot

The game promises a rich story, captivating players with its magical and exciting city life. As the sorceress, players will have to juggle the running of the café, managing debts, and building relationships with customers. The ultimate goal is to help customers conquer their fears and secrets by delving deep into their minds.

One of the key gameplay elements in Affogato is the card-based reverse tower defense levels. Players must make critical decisions and choose their routes and cards wisely to guide their customers to safety. Failure to do so may result in losing customers forever.

Affogato - ScreenshotAffogato - Screenshot

Building relationships with customers is also crucial in Affogato. By lending an ear and hearing their stories, players can forge special bonds with those they feel a connection with. This will allow them to become the approachable sorceress they have always aspired to be.

Time management is another important aspect of the game. Players must carefully plan each day, deciding whether to focus on bringing in money for the café, improving their barista skills, learning stronger spells, or strengthening bonds with customers. Every decision made costs time, so players must be mindful of the ticking clock.

Affogato - ScreenshotAffogato - Screenshot

In addition to the unique gameplay mechanics, Affogato also features a realistic coffee-making simulation. To be a great barista, players must understand their customers and brew the perfect cup of coffee for them. Mastering the art of coffee-making can unlock hidden conversations and storylines, adding another layer of immersion to the game.

With its captivating storyline, innovative gameplay mechanics, and beautiful anime graphics, Affogato is sure to be a hit among RPG enthusiasts. Mark your calendars for August 17 and get ready to embark on a magical journey as a sorceress managing a café in the enchanting city of Arorua.