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ECHO Crowned Champion in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M4 World Championship

By Weilin Li
Jan. 16, 2023 updated 11:02

Yesterday in Jakarta, Indonesia, Moonton hosted the Finals of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M4 World Championship. In a clean sweep of 4:0, ECHO, a team from the Philippines, emerged victorious over their fellow team, the former world champion Blacklist International.

Despite being the first team to make it to the Finals after defeating ECHO 3:2 in the Upper Bracket Finals, Blacklist International failed to maintain their previous success in the Finals.

ECHO was crowned Champion in the MLBB M4 World ChampionshipECHO was crowned Champion in the MLBB M4 World Championship

In the first game of the match, ECHO took control of the pace and comfortably won within just 14 minutes.

In the second round, Blacklist International exhibited a more aggressive gameplay as they were able to secure 2 kills during the turtle fight. However, ECHO gradually gained momentum and eventually surpassed Blacklist in terms of kills, ending the round with a final score of 20:8 in their favor. In the final moments, ECHO's Bennyqt successfully stole Blacklist's base, which ultimately resulted in their victory for the round.

During game three, ECHO displayed courage by selecting Gusion as their mid-laner, with ECHO Sanji taking on the role. The dynamic duo of "San-San" (Sanford and Sanji) placed a significant amount of pressure on Blacklist, resulting in ECHO winning the round with a score of 23:10 in kills.

In the fourth round, ECHO utilized their map control to gain a 5k gold lead over Blacklist. With this advantage, ECHO maintained a significant lead throughout the game, eventually securing both the victory in the game and the overall match.

The final MVP of M4 World Championship was claimed by ECHO BennyqtThe final MVP of M4 World Championship was claimed by ECHO Bennyqt

As ECHO raised the M4 trophy, their Jungler KarlTzy made history by becoming the first-ever two-time MLBB world champion.

ECHO's Bennyqt was awarded the Finals MVP for his exceptional performance during the match.

ECHO earned a total of 300,000 USD in prize money, while Blacklist International received a total of 120,000 USD in prize money.