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Jaeho Hwang Discusses Humor in Game Mechanics at 2023 CiGADC

By Xueyang
Oct. 19, 2023 updated 03:40

The hit game "Dave the Diver" has been the talk of the gaming community since its release, earning high praise from IGN as "easily one of the best games I've played this year so far." Quickly topping various Steam charts and nearing 100,000 concurrent players, the game has captivated audiences worldwide. So what's the secret behind its engaging gameplay? Jaeho Hwang, the game director, will reveal his insights at this year's CiGADC.

Jaeho HwangJaeho Hwang

Hwang is no stranger to game development, with an impressive portfolio that dates back to 2017. His first venture into the world of pixel action games started with "Evil Factory," and his career took a major leap in 2023 with the releases of "Godzilla Defense Force" and "Dave the Diver." Having successfully launched games in both China and the United States, Hwang has honed his skills in catering to a global audience.

"Dave the Diver" is an addictive blend of resource management and lifestyle simulation. By day, players dive underwater to catch fish, providing ingredients for their sushi restaurant. The money earned from the restaurant allows players to upgrade their gear and explore deeper regions of the ocean. New systems like equipment upgrades, farming, and seahorse races unlock as the player progresses, providing a refreshing experience even after dozens of hours of gameplay.

Dave the DiverDave the Diver

The game shines not just in its individual elements but also in how seamlessly they come together. The systems unlock progressively, allowing players to get accustomed to new features without feeling overwhelmed.

Hwang believes that humor plays an essential role in making complex game mechanics more digestible. His talk at the 2023 CiGADC is titled " Spice up the humor: The seasoning that makes your game extra savory." He plans to discuss how the game's humorous characters and situations help players better understand its intricate systems and mechanics.

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This year's CiGADC, in partnership with CRI TechSummit, has expanded to a three-day event, promising valuable insights for developers. Tickets are currently available in three different categories and can be purchased by scanning the QR code.

Stay tuned for more updates as the guest speakers and topics for the 2023 CiGADC continue to be announced.