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Biden Takes Action on AI Regulation Influenced by Tom Cruise's Thriller

By Xueyang
Nov. 3, 2023 updated 02:02

Biden Takes Action on AI Regulation Influenced by Tom Cruise's ThrillerBiden Takes Action on AI Regulation Influenced by Tom Cruise's Thriller

In an unprecedented move, President Joe Biden has enacted the first comprehensive executive order to regulate artificial intelligence (AI) in the United States.

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The decision, formalized on October 30, follows extensive discussions with technology experts and advisors. However, an unlikely influence also played a role in the decision: a new Mission: Impossible movie featuring a rogue AI antagonist.

The White House confirmed that while the order was primarily the result of months-long consultations, the latest installment of the Tom Cruise-fronted action franchise, 'Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One', had a notable impact. After watching the film, in which a sentient AI named "The Entity" wreaks havoc, President Biden's concerns about the potential dangers of AI were heightened, according to Bruce Reed, White House Chief of Staff.

Reed disclosed that alongside the fictional portrayal of AI in the movie, the President was also shown manipulated videos and images featuring himself and his dog, which added to his apprehension about the technology's misuse.

AI technology has been at the forefront of innovation in the tech industry, coming into the limelight as companies pivot from faltering interests in NFTs and the metaverse. However, the rise of AI has not been without controversy, as creatives protest against their unpaid work being scraped by AI to generate new content. The technology has also been associated with producing disturbing material and causing consternation among major corporations.

The newly signed executive order signifies a critical step by the U.S. government to address these issues and establish a framework for AI technology's ethical and controlled development. This move could pave the way for enhanced privacy, security, and ethical standards in the rapidly evolving AI sector.

Source: Yahoo