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Scriptwriter of 'NEEDY STREAMER OVERLOAD' Temporarily Lost in Shanghai

By Xueyang
Nov. 18, 2023 updated 09:43

The scriptwriter for the popular series "NEEDY STREAMER OVERLOAD," known as にゃるら, recently shared his misadventure in Shanghai on Twitter after becoming separated from his group upon arrival at Pudong Airport. Without a working phone card to access the internet and with no cash to purchase food or drinks, にゃるら spent seven grueling hours navigating his way back to his hotel. Along his unintended journey, a kind-hearted local man offered him water, and the two shared a moment to capture a photo together.

にゃるら expressed his apologies for causing concern and, despite the ordeal that left him with sore feet, he remains excited about the upcoming event he is in Shanghai to attend.

The writer also posted a series of street-view photos taken during his trek, indicating that he found himself in the vicinity of Zhonghua Road in Shanghai's Huangpu District, nearly 40 kilometers away from Pudong Airport.

Shanghai Night Street ViewShanghai Night Street View

Additional information from the staff revealed that にゃるら had initially left the airport in the afternoon for sightseeing at Laoximen (Old West Gate), with all his photographs taken near that area. However, when trying to locate his hotel, he became disoriented and, concerned about running out of money (though it was probably enough), he wandered around the vicinity for seven hours.

The choice to visit Laoximen was influenced by its Wenmiao (Confucian Temple), which has gained fame in Japan as "Shanghai's Akihabara" due to its cultural significance.

This incident highlights the challenges that can arise when traveling without access to local connectivity and funds, as well as the kindness that can be encountered by strangers. It also underscores the cultural draw of Shanghai's historical sites, which continue to attract visitors from around the world.

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