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KPL Update: Fire Earned the Last Temporary Seat for KPL Summer Split

By Weilin Li
May. 12, 2022 updated 08:21

In yesterday’s series of games in the KPL Promotion Round, Fire E-Sports defeated VTG 4:1. Fire earned the second and last temporary seat for KPL Summer Split with that victory.

In game one of the series, at six minutes, VTG destroyed three first turrets of Fire and built a 5k lead in gold. They soon secured victory in this round.

However, Fire soon found a way to fight back in game two of the series. They killed four champions from VTG early on and didn’t bat an eye when VTG killed Juggernaut in the mid-game. After this, by killing a Dragon and two champions, Fire secured victory in this round.

In games three and four, Fire, led by Liluo and Yangyang, took two more wins.

In game five, at ten minutes, Fire’s Meng Tian killed VTG’s Di Renjie. Soon after this, in a decisive team fight, Fire aced VTG and successfully won the whole series.

XYG and Fire have both stood out in the Promotion Round.

The celebration poster from the Fire E-Sports clubThe celebration poster from the Fire E-Sports club