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WRL: FPX Crown Champions in the Finals

By Weilin Li
May. 16, 2022 updated 04:17

In the Finals for WRL 1 held yesterday, the top seed FPX defeated JDG in a competitive 4:1 series.

In detail, in game one of the series, JDG’s Garen killed FPX’s Sett at five minutes. Eleven minutes later, at the top lane, FPX aced JDG and secured victory in this game.

In game two of the series, at four minutes, three champions from JDG achieved a turret dive kill. Four minutes later, JDG killed a Dragon and FPX’s Ziggs. Then, 20 minutes in, JDG used the Baron buff to destroy the nexus of FPX.

In game three of the series, FPX showed stronger play and won the game at 18 minutes.

In game four of the series, at five minutes, FPX achieved a double kill. At 16 minutes, FPX secured victory in this round, bringing the score to 3:1.

In the next game, in the beginning, FPX achieved a double kill at the bottom lane. At 12 minutes, FPX aced JDG. Four minutes later, FPX’s Kha'Zix achieved a Penta Kill. Soon after this, FPX destroyed the nexus of JDG, and with that, FPX won the Finals and the Championship.

The MVP Award was given to FPX 0711.

The MVP Award in WRL 1 Finals was given to FPX 0711.The MVP Award in WRL 1 Finals was given to FPX 0711.