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The Wild Rift Icons Global Championship Will Start on June 14th

By Weilin Li
May. 25, 2022 updated 08:23

The Wild Rift Icons Global Championship (Icons) will be held in Singapore from June 14th to July 9th.

In total, there are 24 teams from eight regions participating in the tournament. The WRL will send four teams there: FPX, JDG, NOVA and JT.

OMG was slated to participate after placing fourth during WRL Season one; however, the fifth-place JT replaced OMG to take part in Icons due to visa issues.

There are three stages in the tournament, Play-in, the Group Stage, and Playoffs. The No. 1 seeds from eight regions directly entered the Group Stage, but the rest of the teams will play Bo3 in a Double Elimination bracket. The top 2 teams in each group will enter the Group Stage.

We will provide more reports following this tournament.