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MSI: RNG Crowned Champions after Defeating T1 3:2

By Weilin Li
May. 30, 2022 updated 12:27

In yesterday’s 2022 MSI Finals, RNG faced T1 and took victory in a challenging 3:2 series. With this win, RNG has won the third-straight championship of MSI.

In detail, in game one of the series, the First Blood took place when RNG Gala killed T1 Gumayusi. Then, at 14 minutes, T1 got a double kill against RNG while executing a counterplay at the top lane but lost two champions at the same time. Then, 27 minutes in, RNG stole Baron and secured victory in this round.

In game two of the series, it was neck and neck initially. At 22 minutes, in a team fight for Baron, the high damage of T1 Faker on Lissandra allowed them to kill four champions. Three minutes later, T1 also killed three champions and destroyed the nexus of RNG.

RNG’s players in the 2022 MSI FinalsRNG’s players in the 2022 MSI Finals

In game three of the series, in the beginning, RNG Wei and Xiaohu achieved a turret dive kill. Soon after this, in a team fight, RNG showed stronger play. At 24 minutes, RNG killed Baron, securing victory in this game and giving RNG the match point.

In game four of the series, T1 outperformed RNG with better tempo and control of the objectives. At 27 minutes, T1 aced RNG and killed Baron. Two minutes later, T1 destroyed the base of RNG, bringing the score to 2:2.

In the decisive last match, three champions from RNG ganked T1 Zeus at four minutes at the top lane. Afterward, RNG continued their momentum. At 14 minutes, RNG Wei killed T1’s Ahri. Then, 22 minutes in, RNG killed four champions, a Dragon, and Baron. Three minutes later, RNG destroyed the nexus of T1.

That final win makes RNG the champions of the 2022 MSI, their third MSI victory in a row.

RNG celebrated their 2022 MSI title.RNG celebrated their 2022 MSI title.

RNG Wei was given the MVP Award for the Finals of 2022 MSI.RNG Wei was given the MVP Award for the Finals of 2022 MSI.