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Perfect World’s Bizarre “Pay to be an Intern” Project Goes Viral

By Weilin Li
Jun. 9, 2022 updated 10:28

As the job searching season in China goes on, people are joking about the so-called  “pay-to-work” trend, meaning some entry-level job’s wages could barely cover living expenses and it feels like paying money to have a work opportunity.

However, a project from Perfect World, one of the largest video game developer-publishers in Beijing, seems to be leaning on the idea a bit too much.

The training project sought students that are interested in Game Designers, Concept Art Designers UI Designers for a “Multiplayer online survival game”. These so-called students would participate in developing the gameplay, worldview, and stories for the game.

The introduction of the Perfect World’s game developer training projectThe introduction of the Perfect World’s game developer training project

The project charges about 2660 USD for one person for a three-month period, however many people, including those who works in the industry, states that these “training” are very likely to be proper jobs, and Perfect World is basically asking students to pay the company for their internship.

In response to the controversy, an employee of Perfect World clarified the project was an internal training and was intended only for the students enrolled in Perfect World’s educational projects.

But after trending online for days, it was reported that the project had been stopped.

Source: cnBeta