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Wild Rift Icons: NV Defeated FG 2:1

By Weilin Li
Jun. 16, 2022 updated 02:03

In yesterday’s Play-ins for the Wild Rift Icons Global Championship, NV took down FG 2:1.

In detail, in game one of the match, at 14 minutes, NV’s Gragas killed FG’s Nami, helping NV achieve a quadra kill. Five minutes later, NV killed two champions and used the Baron buff and minions to destroy FG’s base.

NV Long earned the MVP Award for game one of the match.NV Long earned the MVP Award for game one of the match.

In game two of the match, at three minutes, NV’s Lucian killed FG’s Jayce, building an edge for NV. At 13 minutes, near the mid lane, NV’s Fiora kept pursuing FG’s champions and achieved a double kill. However, at 31 minutes, FG killed three champions at NV’s base, securing victory in this round.

In game three, at three minutes, NV’s Monkey King achieved a double kill. Then, 15 minutes in, NV destroyed FG’s nexus, taking the win in both the game and match.