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Wild Rift Icons: FPX Swept FW 2:0, JT Took Down TQ 2:0

By Weilin Li
Jun. 22, 2022 updated 03:30

Two matches were held yesterday in the 2022 Icons Global Championship, where FPX defeated FW 2:0 and JT took down TQ 2:0, earning both teams their first victories in the Group Stage.

In game one of the match between FPX and FW, initially, in a team fight, FPX’s Monkey King killed FX’s Akali, and FPX’s Corki killed FW’s Jax. At 16 minutes, FPX aced FW on the mid lane. Soon after this, FPX led the minions to destroy FW’s base.

FPX Ley earned the MVP Award for game one of the match.FPX Ley earned the MVP Award for game one of the match.

In game two of the match, at 10 minutes, FPX’s Kha'Zix achieved a triple kill near the Dragon’s pit. Eight minutes later, FPX killed four champions from FW, securing victory in both the game and match.

Between JT and TQ, in game one, the First Blood took place when JT’s Vi killed TQ’s Senna. At 16 minutes, JT used the Baron buff to destroy TQ’s nexus.

In game two, at 16 minutes, JT aced TQ and secured victory in the match.