PetroChina to Sell League of Legends Lucky Bags Across Its Gas Station Convenient Stores

Energy giant PetroChina’s convenient store chain uSmile recently announced a collaboration with League of Legends to celebrate League’s 10th anniversary in China by selling licensed merchandise lucky bags across usmile’s 20,000+ stores located within PetroChina’s gas stations. 

The lucky bag will contain specially designed merchandise including a mug, a mousepad, and several badges and stickers printed with popular catchphrases and memes among Chinese League of Legends players. The bag itself was designed by Donglaiye, a popular design agency that is specialized in fusing modern design with traditional Chinese elements.

This collaboration aims to uplift uSmile’s brand image and its appeal to the younger generation. Being the commodity retail branch of the largest petroleum company in China, uSmile believes the collaboration will help its expansion and transition into IP empowerment, catching the new hot trend of merchandising IPs.

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