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New Games to Demo! Steam China Showcase 2022 Coming For Shared Joy!

By Superpixel
Jul. 8, 2022 updated 12:00

The first Steam China online showcase will be officially launched on July 14, 2022! Steam China joins hands with great game companies to showcase the latest information of more than 80 gaming products to audiences all at once. The solid game lineup will keep your eyes busy. Steam China Showcase sincerely sends you an invitation to this game party, and let’s enjoy the infinite joy together.

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Many new games are ready to shine on the stage of the showcase! Let me give you a preview of some new and good works. This showcase will present a variety of games including multiplayer E-sports games, action games, simulation management games, plot adventure games, Roguelikes, RPG, strategy card game, etc.. And wait, we will not skip the rising popular forces in recent years, e.g. stealth platformers, survival builders, turn-based grand strategy games, and sandbox games. You will definitely find your favorites and some surprises in this feast of games.

Warm Snow, a well-polished Rogue-like action game from a Chinese developer

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A new Roguelike action game, Warm Snow, a Chinese game published by bilibili, has won the Nova Prize in 2020 indiePlay Awards and the Most Anticipating Game in the Golden Tea Award of Game Teahouse in 2022. This game is set in a completely fictional fantasy world where the eerie Warm Snow holds sway. You will play as the warrior Bi-an on a crusade against the five great clans. Collect as many as fragments on your journey to rebirth and reveal the truth of the world. Seven sects, varied Relics, and unpredictable excaliburs in a strong Rogue-like flavor will make each challenge fresh and unique.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge, the spiritual successor of childhood classic

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As the latest work of Ninja Turtles series published by Gamera Games, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge will also come to this showcase. The unique pixel art style is nostalgic and exquisite. Inheriting the aesthetics of the original 1987 version’s source materials, the game is injected with brighter and finer colors and graphics. Game fights are based on the classic level-challenge side-scroller action games, and the game is enriched with more skills, movements and actions, which enable you to practice more combos with smoother gaming experience. The game not only supports single player, but also allows multiple gamers to play together. It’s time to recall the good memories in childhood and set off on a new journey with friends.

Fists of Invokers, a hard core Kungfu MOBA game

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What chemistry will be generated if MOBA meets action FTG? Let the game Fists of Invokers tell you. In this first fighting MOBA published by Frozen Wolf studio, you will play as a Kungfu master, who fights with teammates against other players. Different from traditional FTG, the game is easy-to-learn, and friendly to new gamers who have no experience in such games. You can enjoy the game even before you master it.

Dorfromantik, a well-crafted peaceful and relaxing game in a unique style

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Dorfromantik, published by Toukana Interactive, is a casual puzzle game in which you place tiles to create ever-growing, idyllic village landscapes. With Dorfromantik, you can immerse yourself in a quiet, peaceful world and take a break from everyday life.

Pal Inn 2, a new extension of the classic Chinese Paladin series.

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What will it be like if all the noted Paladin characters are put together? Pal Inn 2, the latest simulation management game published by Cube Game, is about to be officially released. The game is a mix of restaurant management, RPG and many other elements. The characters from Chinese Paladin series come to run the restaurant together, making it to be a warm, peaceful and romantic place in this parallel world.

The Heroic Legend of Eagarlnia, an imaginary continent with Japanese-style character sketches and grand battles

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The Heroic Legend of Eagarlnia, published by Pixmain, is a SLG with an original design of a fantasy world and Japanese-style aesthetics. By choosing to rule as the leader of a league, you cultivate your land and shore up your defence by developing the economy to resist invasions, or by recruiting talents and seeking alliances through diplomatic mediation, or by mobilizing troops to expand territory. Nothing will stop you from dominating this continent.

The Library of Babel, a stealth adventure in the mysterious Babylon

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What will everything be like in a world 20,000 years after the disappearance of humanity? The Library of Babel from publisher Another Indie tells a story about that. You will explore the futuristic Babylon full of vast jungles, abandoned temples, and plentiful cybernetic inhabitants to interact with. The Library of Babel promises both a thrilling adventure full of danger and intrigue, and a thoughtful, atmospheric tale about how we consider infinity.

HengGe, a profound depiction on the magnificent but tragic times of wars

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The game HengGe, published by Cube Game, is a real-time strategy game set in the background of the Eastern Han Dynasty. Playing as a general of Han Dynasty, you will be assigned to defend the invasion of the Huns army in the north, rebuild the protectorate in the west, and construct the Silk Road. The game supports battles of 30,000 soldiers on the same screen, allowing players to experience the immense and profound battle scenes.

Demo Week is about to come, more new games to be unveiled.

According to the previous news on Steam China Showcase 2022, a Demo Week will follow, right after the showcase. In order to allow gamers take the first sip of new games, some new games on the showcase will come to the Demo Week lasting from 7PM GMT+8 July 14 to July 21. During the event, gamers are able to play the latest demo of new games for free. No more wait for first-hand content. Meanwhile, mysterious streamers are invited to the Demo Week to play and chat with gamers via livestreaming. Please stay tuned!

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The first Steam China online showcase will stream on multiple platforms including Twitch and YouTube Live on the night of July 14 simultaneously. Let’s head on to the Chinese game night together and look forward to the wonderful moments.