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Fate Seeker II announces its update plan, indicating it will add side stories and rogue-like model in the future

By Reon Zhang
Nov. 29, 2021 updated 05:06

FateSeeker II announced their future update content including short, medium, and long-term plans.

The short-term plan involves optimizing performance, adding more interactions and radiant side quests, and further enhancing environment exploration. New character illustrations will also be updated after aggregating players’ feedback.

After that, a new quest chain will be added as DLC with several new scenes, bosses, characters, and stories.

The long-term plan is to implement a rogue-like system for players to experiment with various battle strategies and use their own styles to fight against existing bosses and newly added ones.

Fate Seeker II is a 3D adventure game combined with exploration, combat, and puzzles. It has been the most critically acclaimed martial hero RPG this year. Players can develop a unique role through the allocation of the Eight Trigrams points and mix-match configuration.