LPL 2021 Roster Change Recap: Bin Joined RNG, Xiaohu Returned to Mid Lane

For the recent Demacia Cup, commentators criticized Bin for little cooperation with Xiaohu.
By Weilin Li
Dec. 15, 2021 updated 03:00

The 19-year-old rising star and top laner Bin (Chen Zebin) left WBG and joined Royal Never Give Up (RNG) on December 14th last year. At the same time, RNG’s previous top laner Xiaohu (Li Yuanhao) swapped back to mid lane.

Bin participated in LPL in early 2020 for the first time and earned second place in the 2020 World Championship. He is considered to be the best Irelia player in solo queue.

RNG’s roster for the 2022 season include top laner Bin, jungler Wei (Yan Yangwei), mid laner Xiaohu, ADC Gala (Chen Wei), and supports Ming (Shi Senming) and Bunny (Liu Wenkang).

RNG’s welcome poster for Bin.RNG’s welcome poster for Bin.

However, the recent RNG roster changes have caused some criticism from commentators because, on the first day of the Demacia Cup, RNG was taken down easily by TES with a 0-3 set of matches. The latest performances of Bin and Xiaohu were observed by commentators, who said Bin showed poor cooperation with Xiaohu.

RNG eventually landed in fifth place in the Demacia Cup tournament. The frustrating result was also partly due to Ming’s absence.

Previously known as Royal Club, RNG was re-branded in 2015. Since then, it has won the 2016 LPL Spring Playoffs, 2018 LPL Spring Playoffs, and 2018 LPL Summer Playoffs.