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Chinese Overwatch Fan Community Developed An Overwatch Style “Life Simulator”

By Iris Zhong
Feb. 18, 2022 updated 05:02

The Chinese Overwatch fan community “熔火资料站” (Lava Archive) recently released a self-developed web mini-game based on the viral Life Simulator games.

In the beginning, you need to do a ten-pull Hero Gacha and choose your character. After that, you can allocate base skill points to four main areas: strength, intelligence, justice and wealth, which will affect the plot of your life and change over events in-game. The overall skill points are derived from the rarity of the character you pull (N, R, SR and SSR).

Allocate your skill points.Allocate your skill points.

Overwatch style hero description.Overwatch style hero description.

When stepping into your Overwatch life, you may encounter several peculiar situations adapted from game memes as follows.

You can never see the future…You can never see the future…

NetEase also gave strong support to this fan-made project. If you successfully reach the age of 50, you can receive either a Standard Edition copy of Overwatch or choose to update your game from Standard to Legendary Edition. Players who already own the Legendary Edition will get the chance to do 10 free Balance rolls.