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Genshin Impact’s new viral tracksuit is one of the best meta-memes

By Kongru
Aug. 27, 2021 updated 04:12

A tracksuit in the latest Genshin Impact commercial has picked up quite some interest on Twitter among Chinese and Japanese players. Fans quickly put this tracksuit on all of their favorite Genshin characters.

This particular tracksuit being in the Genshin commercial is actually a parody of Chinese action movie star Wu Jing. Jing has been the lead actor for several patriotic-themed action movies, and a screenshot of him wearing a green tracksuit with giant characters of “China” has become one of the hottest memes on the Chinese internet in 2021, especially during the Tokyo Olympics. There’s even a word for memes featuring Wu Jing, called “Jing Memes” (京图).

 “I wanted to tell my sleeping schedule that we're in China.”

"Chinese gymnastics showing their colors."

The green tracksuit in Genshin Impact has giant Chinese characters of “璃月” (Li Yue). In the Genshin world setting, Li Yue is the fictional depiction of ancient China. It’s not hard for Chinese players to spot the connections between this and the viral “Jing Memes”.

Tracksuits like this are often a part of school uniforms in Asia. Japanese and Korean players might not be familiar with “Jing Memes”, but when Hutao and Zhong Li wearing that tracksuit, they certainly speak to something that many Asian gamers understand.