Overwatch League Saw Its First Chinese MVP

Overwatch League (OWL) season 2021 has just finished its regular season and is moving to playoffs. Chinese player Leave was elected as the regular season MVP. Being the absolute playmaker of his team, Leave propelled Chengdu Hunters’ amazing comeback during the second half of the season.

This is the first time a Chinese player has become the MVP of OWL. This achievement has been within reach in the last few years, but Koreans and European players were always a tad ahead in consistency and playmaking abilities.

Being 20 years old, Leave is among the earlist OWL professional players, joining the scene back in 2016 for team Miraculous Youngster, and won the MVP and Championship Title of the 2017 China OWPS League.

Leave took a brief hiatus from his career in Overwatch due to an age restriction put on participants. During which time he competed in the PUBG pro leagues. Proving his talent there as well, before ultimately returning to Overwatch, when he was old enough to compete once more.

The past 3 years was no easy sailing for the young prodigy. Leave had his highs and lows, eventually finding home in Chengdu Hunters with his former coach from Miraculous Youngster.

Leave has the most impressive Hero pool in OWL. He had flexed 16 DPS Heroes during this season, out of 17 total. All MVP polls favored Leave over other great players like Pelican, Fearless and Hanbin by a massive margin.

There’s no doubt that Leave is at his peak form right now, and being only 20 years old, his dominance clearly will not end too soon.

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