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KPL Spring 2023: WB Defeated WE 3:1, eStarPro Narrowly Beat MTG 3:2

By Weilin Li
Feb. 21, 2023 updated 02:00

Three matches were held yesterday in the KPL Spring Split 2023, where WB dominated WE 3:1, eStarPro narrowly beat TG 3:2, and AG defeated TTG 3:2.

In game one of the match between WE and WB, WE started strong as Hua Mulan killed Lian Po, the First Blood. However, it was back and forth until the 23-minute mark when WE Bingran took Storm Dragon King and forced WB to retreat. WE took advantage of this opportunity and claimed victory in this round.

WE Bingran earned the MVP Award in game one of the match.WE Bingran earned the MVP Award in game one of the match.

In the second round, WE continued their momentum as they took down two members from WB at 13 minutes. However, in the decisive team fight, WB made a comeback and managed to destroy WE’s nexus, taking the win in this round.

In the third game, WB didn’t leave much of a chance for their opponent and secured a victory.

In the fourth game, WB controlled the pace once again and expanded the gold lead to 8k in the mid-game. In the closing moments, WB aced WE and won both the game and the match 3:1.

In the match between eStarPro and MTG, in game one, by the 10-minute mark, eStarPro had a gold lead of 10k, allowing them to secure an easy victory in this round.

In the second game, eStarPro continued their momentum, earning a decisive win.

However, dramatically, in the third round, eStarPro's strategy with their Da Qiao lineup proved ineffective, which, coupled with MTG Mitu's exceptional play, allowed his team to bring the score to 1:2.

In the fourth game, MTG continued their good form, with their players Xiaojiu and Qingyuan playing impressively to secure another win.

In the decisive last game, initially, eStarPro gained a significant advantage, but MTG Xiaojiu on Lu Ban No. 7 secured a quadra kill in the late game. Nevertheless, in the critical moment when MTG was trying to take down Storm Dragon King, Xiaojiu was eliminated, and MTG was left with fewer players to defend their base. Eventually, eStarPro clinched a victory in the match 3:2.

Between AG and TTG, AG took the victory with a score of 3:2, despite TTG being considered the stronger contender in the match.

Team standings of KPL Spring 2023 on February 19thTeam standings of KPL Spring 2023 on February 19th