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KPL Summer Playoffs: eStarPro Crushed Wolves 4:1

By Weilin Li
Aug. 26, 2022 updated 10:40

The match between eStarPro and Wolves was held yesterday in the KPL Summer Playoffs, and in the end, eStarPro defeated Wolves 4:1, advancing to the Finals.

In game one of the match, Wolves killed three of eStarPro’s champions at seven minutes. However, three minutes later, eStarPro Huahai killed Tyrant. Then, dramatically, in a decisive team fight, eStarPro Huahai killed Tyrant again, helping his team secure a victory in this round.

In game one of the match, eStarPro Huahai earned the MVP Award.In game one of the match, eStarPro Huahai earned the MVP Award.

In game two, at nine minutes, Wolves Xiaopang attacked his enemies from behind and helped Wolves take out three champions, allowing his team to destroy a tower in the mid-lane. In the closing moments, Wolves killed the mid-laner and jungler from eStarPro, securing a victory in this round and bringing the match to a tie of 1:1.

Before the start of the third game, the equipment that supported the live competition experienced some errors. After two hours of adjustment, the game was finally back on.

In game three, eStarPro once again dominated the game's pace and eStarPro Tanran became a key element in his team’s victory, ending 4/3/3.

In game four, eStarPro Qingrong on Mai Shiranui played an active role in team fights, helping eStarPro take the victory in this round and bringing it to a match point 3:1.

In game five, Wolves morale is seemingly low. At seven minutes, eStarPro won a decisive team fight and destroyed two base towers. Following that, eStarPro Yizheng on Yu Ji got a triple kill. In the end, eStarPro won this round at 7 minutes 57 seconds, breaking the record of the quickest victory in this season.

With this victory, eStarPro has secured a spot in the KPL Summer Finals.

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