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KPL Spring 2023: TTG Dominated RNG.M 3:0, WB Claimed Victory Against VG 3:0

By Weilin Li
Feb. 14, 2023 updated 06:30

On February 12th, three games were played in the KPL Spring Split. TTG dominated RNG.M with a 3:0 victory, WB claimed victory against VG with a 3:0 score, and EDG.M lost 1:3 to DRG.

Guangzhou TTG won the first match against Shanghai RNG.M with a score of 1:0. Guangzhou TTG dominated early on in the game and managed to get the upper hand, but Shanghai RNG.M tried to make a comeback and killed Xi Shi in a 5v3 kill. However, Guangzhou TTG was able to clear the bottom lane and eventually win the match with a series of successful attacks.

In the second game of the match, Shanghai RNG.M tried to invade the enemy's jungle, but Guangzhou TTG's Xiang Yu helped Shen Mengxi get the First Blood. Later, Guangzhou TTG's Yao and Lu Ban played well and got multiple kills, resulting in Guangzhou TTG's victory in the end.

In game three, Guangzhou TTG player Fengxiao chased an enemy champion back to their second tower  while dodging the opponent's skills. However, RNG.M was able to take down one of TTG's players. Nevertheless, in the closing moments, RNG.M was aced, and TTG took the win in the game and the match.

In the match between WB and VG, WB dominated with a 3:0 score, showcasing their superior skills and strategy.

Meanwhile, the match between EDG.M and DRG was a bit more intense, with EDG.M losing 1:3 to DRG.

Team standings of KPL Spring 2023 on February 12thTeam standings of KPL Spring 2023 on February 12th