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KPL Update: eStarPro Defeated Wolves, Advancing to the Grand Finals

By Weilin Li
Apr. 29, 2022 updated 06:28

Wuhan eStarPro defeated Chingqing Wolves 4:2 yesterday in the Winner Group of the KPL Spring Playoffs. eStarPro has advanced to the grand finals, and Wolves dropped to the semifinals for the lowers.

In game one of the series, the First Blood took place when eStarPro’s Xiahou Dun killed King of Lanling. eStarPro achieved a double kill in the mid-game after losing Xiahou Dun and destroyed the second tower of Wolves on the mid lane. In the end, eStarPro took victory in this round.

eStarPro’s Ziyang earned the MVP Award for round one.eStarPro’s Ziyang earned the MVP Award for round one.

In game two of the series, by the 10-minute mark, Wolves killed Juggernaut. Three minutes later, Wolves destroyed eStarPro’s second tower on the mid lane and secured victory in this round.

eStarPro took victory in round three with better control of objectives on the map. In round four, at 15 minutes, Wolves killed Tyrant, but eStarPro killed three champions from Wolves. eStarPro won this round.

In round five, eStarPro showed excellent skill on defense in two team fights at their own base. In the end, with the help of Sangqi, eStarPro aced Wolves and won this round, making the score 3:2.

In round six, in the mid-game, eStarPro’s lead for Gold reached 7k, and at 11 minutes, eStarPro destroyed the nexus of Wolves. eStarPro successfully advanced to the finals.

Wolves will meet the winner between GK and XYG on April 30th.Wolves will meet the winner between GK and XYG on April 30th.