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KPL Update: XYG and Fire E-Sports Took Wins in Promotion Round

By Weilin Li
May. 10, 2022 updated 10:42

From May 9th to 11th, XYG, Fire E-Sports, VTG, and MTG are competing for two temporary seats in KPL Summer 2022.

Fire E-Sports is the KGL Spring Champions, and VTG is the KGL Spring Runners-up.

All matches in this Promotion Round are played in a Bo7 in double elimination.

In yesterday’s competitions, XYG defeated VTG 4:3. Meanwhile, Fire E-Sports quickly took the victory in a 4:0 series against MTG.

In game one of the series between XYG and VTG, led by Jiuyue, XYG took win at 22 minutes. In game two VTG bounced back with the leading role of Wuxin.

After some fierce battle, XYG and VTG each took a win at game 3 and 4, bringing the score to a tie 2:2.

In the decisive last game, at 14 minutes, VTG Baiyi achieved a triple kill. But seven minutes later, XYG destroyed the nexus of VTG and won this whole series.

At the same time, Fire E-Sports secured an easy win against MTG, and the four MVPs awarded to Mitu, STAR, Fengjie, and Yangyang.

KPL Promotional Round for the Summer SeasonKPL Promotional Round for the Summer Season