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KPL Update: XYG Secured a Temporary Seat for KPL Summer Split

By Weilin Li
May. 11, 2022 updated 07:26

Yesterday, VTG defeated MTG 4:2, and XYG swept Fire E-Sports 4:0 in the Promotion Round for the 2022 KPL Summer Split. After achieving victory, XYG secured a temporary seat for KPL Summer Split.

In the series between VTG and MTG, VTG won the first and second games. MTG bounced back in game three and continued to show stronger play in game four.

However, in game five, in the last decisive team fight, VTG’s Guan Yu thwarted Ma Chao’s attempt to enter the battlefield and helped VTG destroy the base of MTG. In game six, after killing two Storm Dragon Kings and two champions from MTG, VTG secured victory in the whole series by 4:2.

At the same time, between XYG and Fire E-Sports, XYG had a significantly stronger showing. In game one, they used the Baron buff to ace Fire at 25 minutes and won the game. In game two, Gongsunli helped XYG achieve a double kill at 19 minutes and secured victory in this game. With the leadership of Jiuyue and Xiudou, XYG quickly won game three and game four.

After these two series, VTG and Fire will compete for the last temporary seat on May 11th.

The schedule of the Promotion Round for the 2022 KPL Summer SplitThe schedule of the Promotion Round for the 2022 KPL Summer Split