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KPL Summer Split: WB Swept WE 3:0 in Group S and More

By Weilin Li
Jun. 10, 2022 updated 08:03

In yesterday’s matches in the 2022 KPL Summer Split, WB took down WE 3:0 in the top-contending Group S. Besides that, TES.A defeated LGD 3:2 in Group A, and Hero swept EDG.M 3:0 in Group B.

In detail, in the match between WB and WE, the first game saw WB leading in gold considerably through the mid-game. At 11 minutes, WB killed Juggernaut and a base turret, securing victory easily in this round.

In game two, at four minutes, WB achieved a quadra kill, successfully building an edge against WE. Then at 15 minutes, WB Xingyu triggered a team fight, where WB killed three champions. Soon after that, WB destroyed the nexus of their enemy.

WB Zimo earned the MVP Award for game two of the match.WB Zimo earned the MVP Award for game two of the match.

In game three of the match, by the two-minute mark, WB had stolen many objectives from WE. At 11 minutes, WB killed Xia Hou Dun and Di Renjie from WE. These achievements helped WB secure victory for this match in the end.

Between TES.A and LGD, LGD won the first game, but TES.A bounced back in game two. Then LGD outperformed TES.A in game three, but TES.A took the win in game four. In the last decisive game, TES.A aced LGD at 11 minutes and took the win in the whole match.

Between Hero and EDG.M, Hero stood out after three games. Hero’s Jiuku earned the MVP Awards for games one and three, and the second Award was given to Mingguo.