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PEL: SMG Earned the Weekly Champion Again after 385 Days

By Weilin Li
Jun. 20, 2022 updated 05:34

Five matches were held yesterday in the 2022 PEL Summer Split, and Jiangsu SMG earned the champion for Week 1 with 146 points and 77 eliminations. Their last PEL weekly champion was 385 days ago.

The runners-up were NV and STE, with 126 points and 114 points, respectively.

In the first match, Showtime won after eliminating 4 AM and LGD.

In the second match, the excellent performance of Paraboy helped NV stand out.

In match three, SMG, KONE, and LGD were in the final competition, and in the end, KONE Su Yulu eliminated LGD, while SMG eliminated KONE.

In match four, in the end, JDE faced TEC, and JDE Longzai achieved a triple kill, eliminating TEC.

In match five, TEC Suk helped his team eliminate all enemies.

With the accumulated scores from previous matches in Week 1, SMG successfully earned the weekly champion.

Team ranking in the 2022 PEL Summer Split on June 19thTeam ranking in the 2022 PEL Summer Split on June 19th