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KPL Spring Finals: eStarPro Crowned Champions

By Weilin Li
May. 9, 2022 updated 04:22

In the 2022 KPL Spring Split Grand Finals held yesterday, Wuhan eStarPro swept Chongqing Wolves 4:0 and earned the championship of the season.

In detail, in game one of the series, eStarPro built an edge with gold by executing better control on the objectives of the map. At ten minutes, they killed Tyrant and aced Wolves, securing victory in this game easily.

In game two of the series, Wolves took the First Blood. At ten minutes, eStarPro triggered a team fight and killed three champions from Wolves while only losing one. eStarPro also destroyed two towers of Wolves in this bout of fighting. Ten minutes later, the two sides encountered each other in the jungle, and eStarPro aced Wolves. Soon after this, eStarPro destroyed the nexus of Wolves.

eStarPro’s five players for the Spring FinalseStarPro’s five players for the Spring Finals

In game three of the series, in the mid-game, eStarPro invaded the jungle of Wolves and killed several champions from Wolves. Afterward, eStarPro destroyed the base of Wolves and brought it to the match point.

In game four of the series, in the beginning, the two sides were building their items quietly with few battles. But at 11 minutes, eStarPro killed two Dragons. Wolves sought to speed up the tempo, but eStarPro countered this action when they aced Wolves and led eStarPro to win the championship of this Spring Split Finals.

The MVP Award of the Finals was given to eStarPro Tanran.The MVP Award of the Finals was given to eStarPro Tanran.

This is the third Honor of Kings championship eStarPro has earned within the past year. They crowned the KPL Fall 2021 and Honor of Kings Challenger Cup 2021.